From The Vicarage 

Dear Friends

We are approaching the end of the year as I write this and I for one will not be making any resolutions. This is not because I feel that there is no room for improvement in my life but because I know I will be setting myself up for a fall!

It is natural as humans to look back over the year and reflect on how it has gone. At this time of year we are treated to a review of events in the world from the media; both the highs and lows are included. I have just watched a clip from the BBC entitled ‘Who are this year’s most influential people’? It began with a definition of the word ‘influence’ as the ability to change people’s minds by argument, by example and to do that you need mass   communication. You use the internet, social media to give people huge platforms to have huge influence. They included people from the world of technology, science, sport, fashion, music and The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

There are of course quieter and gentler ways of having an influence on      people and I have been thinking about the effect of family, friends and    community. As I look back on 2018 it is not celebrities or politicians that stand out for me but everyday people including children I come into contact with. It is in these face to face encounters that the grace of God is so often communicated; the spending of time in the physical presence of fellow human beings. In an age where many communicate via a plethora of devices I wonder if we have lost how important it is to spend time with one another.

As Christians we believe that God came to share in our humanity and this is something we celebrate during the Christmas season. In his earthly ministry Jesus reached out to so many men, women and children from all walks of life. He took the time to listen, talk, heal, pray and eat with people, each according to their need. In his birth, death and resurrection God communicated his love for us; his influence has spanned 2000 years and continues to do so through his disciples to this day.

Perhaps as we begin a new year let’s keep in mind how much influence being a follower of Jesus Christ has had on us and how by his example we can take the time to show his love to all we encounter.

 I wish you a happy New Year


Charles Scanlan, 02/12/2018